Hangs Anywhere!


Hangs Anywhere!


Hangs Anywhere!


Using The Patented Hitch!


What do you do with your strapless mouthguard when it’s not actually in your mouth?

Do you put it in a clean spot?

How do you hold your strapless mouthguard during the boil and bite process?

These are problems… ..no more. Introducing the latex-free, PVC-free and BPA-free QuickHitch MouthGuard.

You can hang it anywhere. You can keep it clean. And you can hold it by the hitch during the boil and bite.

The QuickHitch MouthGuard is a new and unique athletic mouthguard. It combines the functionality of a strapped mouthguard with the convenience of a strapless mouthguard to create a “quick hitching”, quick releasing mouthguard. Due to its unique patented design, the QuickHitch MouthGuard can be quickly and easily hitched onto a facemask, shirt collar or just about anywhere else when it is not in use – in between plays, on the sidelines or in a locker. This certainly helps to keep it cleaner and you’ll always know where it is!

Think football, lacrosse, ice hockey, field hockey, soccer, basketball and more!


QuickHitch MouthGuard, LLC is proud to be an Official MouthGuard Partner of the Brothers In Arms Foundation. Brothers In Arms was created to honor the legacies of fallen Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines, in coordination with their families, through community outreach and related activities. Please feel free to get involved with Brothers In Arms by clicking here.

Through our partnership agreement with Brothers In Arms, we have also become the Official Mouthguard Partner of Under Armour Under the Lights Flag Leagues and Under Armour 3-on-3 Coast to Coast Basketball Leagues.

Both of these leagues are national leagues for kids in 1st-8th grade, with the emphasis on promoting a competitive, confidence building, non-contact experience for both boys and girls of all skill levels.



QuickHitch MouthGuard, LLC is proud to be a member of the National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA). The National Sporting Goods Association has worked on behalf of its members since the very beginning. In 1927, the association’s founders fought an unfair taxation on sporting goods in the state of South Carolina. This fight led to the formation of the Sporting Goods Dealer’s Association of South Carolina. Soon after, other regional sporting goods associations began to form in the East, Midwest and the South. Finally, these associations merged into one and in 1936, the name was officially changed to National Sporting Goods Association.

Come see the patented QuickHitch MouthGuard in the Innovations Arena at the NSGA 55th Annual Management Conference & 21st Team Dealer Summit May 19-21, 2019 at the Château Élan Winery & Resort in Braselton, Georgia.



The Hitch

This is the hitch when you first open your QuickHitch MouthGuard. Notice it is sealed shut.

Simply follow the instructions on the back of the package to do the boil and bite. You will hold the QuickHitch MouthGuard by the hitch and dip the rest of the mouthguard into the boiled water.

The hitch will remain shut until you have finished fitting your QuickHitch MouthGuard to your teeth.

Q u i c k H i t c h


The Hitch

Once you have completed fitting your QuickHitch MouthGuard, you will be ready to open the hitch!

Cool the mouthguard by dipping it in the cold water. Dry the hitch.

Hold the QuickHitch MouthGuard in one hand and with your other hand, grasp the hitch right at the perforated line. Pull the hitch slowly and twist slightly and it will pop open at the perforation!

It’s now ready to use. When you are ready to hitch your QuickHitch MouthGuard to a facemask, shirt collar or anywhere else, simply “put your finger behind the hitch and twist it on”.

Q u i c k H i t c h


1. Have a cup of cold water ready next to a cup of boiling water. While keeping the mouthguard “hitch” out of the boiling water, immerse rest of mouthguard into boiling water for 20 SECONDS.

2. Remove mouthguard from boiling water and dip into cold water for an INSTANT and place into mouth.

3. Immediately place tongue against roof of mouth and with a light sucking action, suck out all excess water and air.

4. Bite lightly into mouthguard for a few seconds. Remove from mouth and put into cold water. If you do not get a proper fit the first time, repeat procedure.

5. After mouthguard has cooled, separate hitch along perforation to open hitch for use.

Q u i c k H i t c h


QuickHitch MouthGuard, LLC, manufacturer, warrants the within mouthguard to be free from defects in materials and workmanship which could cause damage or injury to the sound, natural teeth of the purchaser hereof while properly using same in a supervised athletic contest or in a coach-supervised training session. Warranty does not include using the mouthguard during any activity where the participant uses a moving vehicle or moving object with wheels. This includes but is not limited to the following: automobile, motorcycle, dirt bike, bicycle, scooter, skateboard and the like. Manufacturers Obligations under this warranty shall be limited to the lesser of:

1. Actual dental expense incurred or,

2. $250 dollars per tooth damaged, $25,000 maximum. Manufacturer shall have no responsibility or liability unless:

a. Mouthguard was fitted for claimant in accordance with manufacturer’s printed instructions, and

b. Written notice of injury or damage, giving brand name of mouthguard worn at the time of injury, shall be delivered to manufacturer within twenty (20) days after occurrence causing injury or damage, and

c. The notice is substantiated by statement of a licensed dentist that the claimant was treated by him within twenty days after day of injury, and is accompanied by statement of the supervising athletic official, or coach, stating that the injury occurred in a supervised athletic contest or supervised practice session and that the mouthguard was in proper use at the time of injury, and

d. The mouthguard and the warranty certificate are returned to the manufacturer with the notification of injury. Returned mouthguard becomes the property of QuickHitch MouthGuard, LLC.

Q u i c k H i t c h

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